Uprated springs for caravans

At Johanson Brothers Motorsport we place huge value on research and development, and getting it “right”.

So when we found some caravan springs were seriously under rated we took to the task and through testing and computer modelling we engaged King springs to help us create the “perfect” spring.

A lot of production caravans have fantastic suspension, however the springs are usually rated lower than required when fully loaded or subject to a ATM or GTM(GVM) upgrade.

We have a range of custom springs available for heavily loaded vans that can increase load carrying capacity(legally) to 3500kg and beyond. These springs also reduce sway, correct ride height and wheel alignment at higher loadings.

Call now and see what we can do to improve the ride, handling and safety of your caravan.

Now in stock, 25mm lift for Jayco Sterling and Outback series.